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Concorida Athletic Training Staff Pictures & BIOS

Thank you for visiting the Concordia University (CUI) Athletic Training Department.  We hope that your visit is injury-free and enjoyable. Please feel free to contact us if you should require any assistance during your visit.

All swimming and water polo games are held off campus. Events hosted by CUI will have a Certified Athletic Trainer present.

2014-2015 Concordia University Training Staff

Contact Information

Head Athletic Trainer

Glory Fung                                          Primary Sports
[email protected]                     Cross Country - Track & Field

Office: (949) 214-3245

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Jessina Manio                                  Primary Sports
[email protected]               Men's Soccer - Baseball

Office: (949) 214-3246

Chris Cooper                                      Primary Sports

[email protected]                                    Aquatics

Office: (949) 214-3247

Ashlee Harlow                                   Primary Sports

[email protected]                 Men's Basketball – Men's Lacrosse

Office: (949) 214-3248


Graduate Assistants

Jessica Gaye                                Primary Sports                                          Women's Soccer - Softball

Lisa Donaldson                            Primary Sports

[email protected]                             Women's Basketball - Women's Lacrosse

Malie Matteo                                 Primary Sports

[email protected]                                  Women's Volleyball - Men's Volleyball - Tennis

ATEP Program /Assistant Professor ESS

Jennifer Rizzo                                  Primary Sports
[email protected]                          Volleyball
Office: (949) 214-3273

Visiting Team Guide (PDF)

Prospective Student-Athletes Forms

Athletics Pre-Participation Forms (Athletics Insurance Form & Pre-Participation Physical Questionnaire)

Burns Chiropractic & Sports Clinic

Since 1997, Dr. Shannon Burns has worked closely with the Athletic Department at Concordia University by supporting chiropractic care for all athletic teams. Find Burns Chiropractic on the Web at